Global financial data provider

Transforming technology to drive efficiency and growth

The client wanted to streamline its worldwide data centre operations and introduce a new infrastructure based on Cloud technology. This was a complex, high profile programme of work and whilst the technical architecture had been established the impact of the change on the organisation had not been taken into account, creating blockers to progress and putting the anticipated business benefits at risk.

DAV was asked to review the programme and shape the workstreams that the client would need to initiate to ensure that the operational teams and product business units, so crucial to the success of the programme, were fully engaged.

Having restructured the programme to ensure the right focus on business outcomes, DAV took responsibility for driving not just the technology change but also the organisational, process and cultural changes that would be required for the full benefits to be realised.

Today the client has implemented new state-of-the-art global data centres and is busy transforming its internal technology operation into a ‘private Cloud’ service provider. With the foundation DAV has helped to establish it is managing a programme to redevelop and migrate its legacy products onto the new platform and close down its many older, less efficient data centres.

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