Multi-national financial information services company

Enabling market leadership via data-comms transformation

Increased competition, accelerated fragmentation in its core markets and the demands of automated trading meant that this global leader in the provision of financial services data had to run its global network communications infrastructure more efficiently and effectively, especially as it was about to launch a new real-time data solution that would consolidate its market leading position.

To address this the client decided to implement a new state-of-the-art, low latency network infrastructure and move away from its existing outsourced network contract that had become inflexible and over-costly.

DAV helped the client to shape and structure this complex technology intensive business change programme and gain early momentum by identifying a number of small but critical projects to deliver tangible success early on and create buy-in with major internal stakeholders.

Having established a robust cost and benefits business modelling tool for the transition, DAV developed a plan for the first new data centre build out and was subsequently appointed to lead, scope and manage delivery of the implementation that would set the tone for the subsequent programme of work.

With the success of the delivery programme secured, DAV went on to help the client assess the on-going business processes used to provision network equipment, support customers, fulfil orders and assure service delivery in order to deliver the most cost competitive service.

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