DAV Difference

DAV difference

It’s who we are as people that makes us different…

We’ve built a business that’s free to do the right thing for our clients, blending the intellect, rigour and assurance of our core consultancy practice with a delivery model that is based on the deep experience, flexibility and cost effectiveness of our trusted network of independent consultants. It’s a fresh approach to the management of change that enables us to think and act differently:

  • We aren’t obsessed with the need to keep expensive consultants utilised.
  • We are driven by professional pride and the sheer will, grit and determination to do a great job.
  • We don’t get distracted by internal politics and procedures.
  • We always assign outstanding individuals who are entirely right for the client assignments they are leading.
  • We focus simply on working in the best interests of our clients.

It’s a liberating way to do business, particularly for our clients, who can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing their strategic change initiatives are shaped, planned and delivered to the highest standards – and supported by an organisation that has the desire and capability to build a long term business relationship based on trust, integrity and hard work.

Read about our culture and values from a client perspective

Change is a constant companion in business – always has been and always will.  What makes it more complex now is not the nature of change – real change has never been easy to deliver – but today’s management drive to do more with less and more quickly.  Globalisation and increased competition, particularly from developing economies, has accelerated the pace of change and reduced the time and resources available to absorb it.  Leading change today needs a different mind-set, one based not only on clarity and pace, but also precision and agility and the instinct to do the right thing at the right time.

We think the unique way we work with our clients and independent consultants and the values we subscribe to, are an embodiment of this critical mind-set and have enabled us to redefine the management of change.


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