DAV Difference

Our values

We have strong professional and personal values: our clients tell us that these are what set us apart:

  • Provide real leadership
    • Have courage in our convictions and and focus relentlessly on outcomes.
    • Challenge thinking hard to stay on track.
    • Inspire the confidence and determination to tackle the challenge and complexity of change in client teams who may be way outside their comfort zone.
  • Look after the client’s best interests
    • Always aim to do the right thing: professionally and morally.
  • Speak plainly
    • Tell things the way they are not what people might want to hear.
  • Make haste slowly
    • Build the right foundations for change to succeed:
      • Plan – establish a clear line of sight for the work being undertaken.
      • People – commit the right people from the business and backfill (you can’t change a business while running it).
      • Budget – make the investment necessary to get it right first time.
      • Sponsorship – establish real ownership in the business and ensure stakeholders stay aligned and committed throughout the change process.
  • Be acutely aware of the impact of change
    • Take people with you on the journey – acknowledge and deal with difficult messages openly and with sensitivity.
  • Be pragmatic, never precious
    • Balance innovation with pragmatism, common sense and good practice.
    • Do what it takes to get the job done. Manoeuvre and influence to get people to the right place, but always for the right reasons and best intentions.
  • Leave a legacy
    • Transfer knowledge and build capability to ensure that change is embedded in the culture of our client’s business, to enable a process of continuous improvement.
  • Invest time to get to know and stay up to date with our clients’ business, even when we’re not formally engaged on their behalf.
  • Ensure our charges are competitively priced, commercially realistic and geared towards delivering value for the client.

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