DAV partners with network and communications specialists, Quindar Consulting

DAV’s collaboration with Quindar delivers a compelling proposition

Posted by Andrew Moore, Director, DAV Management.

As you can read elsewhere on this website, DAV’s business model enables us to blend the best aspects of our consulting business with the deep experience, flexibility and cost effectiveness of our trusted network of independent consultants.  It’s a model that ensures the consultants we provide are always fully aligned with the requirements of an assignment and, because it consistently delivers the outcomes they are seeking, our clients like it.

But it’s a network that’s not just about individuals, it also sees us collaborating with other, like minded consultancies to provide solutions that build out from our traditional core strengths.  One such organisation is Quindar Consulting.  Quindar provides consulting and leadership solutions for the telecommunications and networking industry and its consultants have specialised in building and operating financial services networks for over 20 years.

Quindar offers a comprehensive portfolio of services, from deep process reviews to the development of strategy and creation of innovative data communication solutions.  With DAV having successfully shaped, led and managed the delivery of a number of large and complex data network transformations, it’s an ideal collaboration and one which we believe will prove to be an attractive proposition, not only to our current clients, but any organisation that is seeking to drive business improvement through its network strategy and operations.

If you’d like to discuss your networking and communication requirements in confidence, please get in touch via our Contact page or call on the number below.

For more information on Quindar, please click here.

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