Delivering a winning performance

The business environment today is as tough as its ever been and faced with so much economic and social uncertainty, it’s probably going to get a lot tougher.  Business leaders will cope and adapt in a way they believe is right for their organisations and, quite rightly, prudent financial management will be at the heart of their approach.  However, obsessing on this alone puts at risk the wider needs of the business and ignores the critical dependency on less tangible success factors that play such a significant part in delivering sustainable results – and human considerations are arguably at the forefront of this.

In such a challenging environment and with UK productivity reportedly on the decline, it is mission critical that the people and teams within any business are fully aligned with its needs and objectives.  After all, they may be called upon to go way above and beyond the call of duty to deliver the business to the broad and sunny uplands envisaged in the strategic plan.

Great leadership and good quality communication will help to achieve this, but these are only part of the equation.  To be truly effective, businesses need to have a well designed and properly implemented approach to performance management that enables people to perform to their full potential.

In Delivering a Winning Performance, we look at how new thinking can help organisations move on from traditional performance management techniques to tackle the human complexities that ultimately determine the degree to which any business is successful.

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