Putting the passion back in business

What is the X-factor behind successful companies?  Well, if this was easy to define it could be prescribed and perhaps systemised, a kind of success by route. In which case, X-factor would become identifiable and hence, redundant as a term – at least in this context.  But it’s not like this, because it comes down to the inherent behaviours and characteristics that are in the DNA of the individuals who are the driving force behind such companies.  Those who are inspired to take risks in business because they believe wholeheartedly in their ‘cause’.

At the heart of this inspiration is a true passion for the business, a gut-feel for the product or service that overcomes detractors and propels the organisation to success.  Some may argue that this is harder to find in today’s uncertain economic landscape and that risk taking is not easy when business leaders are constantly measured purely on the contribution of their bottom line figures.

Familiar household names can come and go, but occasionally a newcomer arrives with a truly innovative proposition and through sheer energy and unswerving belief, captures market imagination and shakes up the status quo, typically ruffling feathers along the way.

Business is and always has been, rich with such inspirational leaders; those individuals who have become synonymous with their brand and whose passion, vision and drive has not only disrupted the market place but completely transformed it.  And change is no respecter of reputation as major corporates like Nokia found out to their cost.  Others have been forced to adapt quickly to survive – witness how BA has reinvented itself to face the threat of the budget carriers and in particular Ryanair.  Even the third sector is susceptible to such individuals – think Help for Heroes and the impact it had when launched back in 2007.

Today’s business world is about those who have the foresight and vision to respond quickly to an unpredictable landscape, where businesses that ignore originality and uniqueness do so at their peril. And yet, those companies that thrive in troubled times are the ones that also adapt best to change, who can see new markets developing, and crucially, whose founders still retain that unquenchable belief in their product and the driving passion to succeed that got them there in the first place.

These and other factors are explored in our latest theme brief ‘Putting the Passion Back in Business’.  Please click on the link below to download the paper.

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