Surviving in the new VUCA world


We recently published a paper that talked about how we live in a constant period of uncertainty fuelled by factors such as globalisation, worldwide economic challenges, climate change and much more. We explored how many organisations and senior level executives in particular, are struggling to stay afloat and aligned in what is increasingly being referred to as the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) nature of today’s global business environment.

In that paper: Planning for success in the new VUCA business world, we highlighted a number of inter-related attributes that business leaders will need to possess in order to counter this so called VUCA environment. However, the paper was written in a pre-Brexit scenario. Today, volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) have been amplified tenfold as we move towards a post-Brexit environment and there is arguably one factor, above all, that will define the quality of a modern business leader in this new world… and that is the possession of a high level of emotional intelligence.

Given the stresses and strains that Brexit is likely to impose on most businesses, it is the growing sense of self-awareness, derived from a high emotional intelligence, that is likely to determine how well business leaders cope with and adapt to, the VUCA characteristics of the new business landscape.

In our latest theme brief, we explore the meaning of emotional intelligence and how it is likely to shape the success, or otherwise, of post-Brexit business leaders.

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