Why right first time matters

Right-first-timeTransformational change is crucial to economic growth in the same way as continued innovation is critical to gaining competitive advantage and taking market share. However, for most businesses, it can be a real challenge to generate new ideas and turn them into reality with minimal disruption.  And to add to the complexity, most new business initiatives and innovations are heavily reliant on technology as the enabler.

Today technology is so pervasive we can scarcely imagine life or function without it. By contrast to their importance, change programmes and in particular those that rely on technology to bring about the change, have an unfortunate reputation for failure.  In fact, close scrutiny of such initiatives indicates that over 80% of programmes will fail in some shape or form be that they are either:

  • Over budget;
  • Over time;
  • Or there is a reduction in the quality of the programme and/or, more importantly, the return on investment delivered.

Much is written about the causes of such failure, but the disappointing truth in all of this is that if you were to go back ten years you would be reading pretty much the same thing.  It would seem that many organisations, faced with the challenge of delivering change today, are unable to learn from the lessons of the past.

The good news is that it doesn’t need to be this way.  With hundreds of ‘person years’ delivering change for clients in a variety of sectors we have built a unique insight into why such programmes fail and the steps that can be taken to create the right environment for success.

We’ve summarised this insight into a theme briefing called ‘Why right first time matters’ and you can read this by clicking on the link below.

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