What We Do

What we do

Solving the riddle of complex business change

Regardless of size, all companies face the relentless challenge of competition, growth, market positioning, innovation and cost reduction, often on top of increasingly stringent regulatory requirements.  And behind all of this sits arguably the most demanding challenge of all – increasing shareholder value.

These have always been compelling drivers for change, but what’s different today is the timeframe within which businesses need to absorb them.  It’s therefore critical to have a strategy that enables a business vision of change to be turned into reality with pace and rigour.  And this is where it starts to get really complicated.

Strategic initiatives of this nature touch all aspects of a business and can only be delivered by a properly structured programme of change, often with new technology as the key enabler.  Such programmes are invariably multifaceted and this means you need people who are acutely aware of the impact of change and focussed on outcomes rather than process. Clients tell us that they find implementing change much harder than defining strategy.  It can be relatively straightforward to establish where you want to go, but much harder to set the wheels in motion to get you there – and stay on track.

This is where DAV comes in…

We provide people with the experience and expertise to lead, shape and deliver complex business change, working as part of your team.  And since the circumstances are different for each client, what we do can be tailored to address your specific challenge.

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